Brent Hutchinson

" ..Probably the best band we have ever had open for us..."  Laurence Jones 2017

" A brave independent album that rarely wavers from the primacy of the songs." Pete Feenstra Get Ready To Rock Album Review 

"..Brent Hutchinson, Smoke And Mirrors is an album that features hi-energy, power-fuelled and driving guitar and vocals throughout..." Blues Matters Magazine

Blues in Britain Review 

About the instrumental track Stevie a tribute to SRV "..crammed full of melody feel and soul amplified by Hutchinson's beautiful fret work. If you closed your eyes you could picture Stevie Ray Vaughan on the stage himself, such is the way Hutchinson recreated the essence of the great man, laying down a carpet of highly coloured notes. Little wonder the band received a great applause and earned their encore..." Blues in Britain 

"...What a finish to the year. I have to say without exaggeration that if James Marshall Hendrix had been around he would have loved this afternoon's interpretation of his music...." - The Elm Hall Rock and Blues Club

“…THERE’S ENOUGH ORIGINALITY AND SPARKLING LICKS TO SUGGEST THERE’S PLENTY MORE GOOD STUFF TO COME..." Pete Feenstra - get ready to rock - The Beaverwood Club, The Boom Boom Club, The Bulls Head.

"..Well those who hadn't heard him before were just delighted at his deft touch and powerful vocals, and those who had, well we just had a hell of a good time listening...." The Elm Hall Rock and Blues Club

"... paints an expansive picture of the man’s undoubted talents as songwriter and musician...." Nigel Foster - Blues in Britain


"Tonight I spent 45 minutes with my jaw on the floor. In a small room above the kings pub in Albert road, Southsea I saw the Brent Hutchinson band.

All I can say is that Brent is probably the best guitarist you've never heard of. He is technically brilliant and note perfect without being showy. His vocals are superb, powerful with a great range and total clarity. 

The all round package who deserves to be touring Europe along with all the great musicians who are.
£6 to get in with a free EP.

A selection of stuff from Hendrix to Robert Johnson with his own numbers thrown in.

Today had been pretty crap, but its ended on a massive high. If you get the chance go and see Brent. you'll get a full set of high energy guaranteed."

Graham Hutton - Blues In Britain

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Brent highly recommends The Flash  

Venue History 

TOUR HISTORY- The Upton Blues Festival, The Cluny Newcastle, The Greyhound Nottingham, The Beaverwood Club Chistlehurst, The Boom Boom Club, Sutton, The Half Moon Putney, The Elm Halll Hotel Rock and Blues Club, The Bell Inn Enfeild, Lilly's Music Lounge Hayling Island, The Scarborough Blues Club, Portsmouth Guildhall, Loungefest, The Jerrico Tavern, The Eastney Cellars, The RMA.....and more more more!......